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Memory and 2D Mark on AMD Ryzen 7 + Fail DirectX12

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  • Memory and 2D Mark on AMD Ryzen 7 + Fail DirectX12

    Why is the Memory Mark with DDR4@2667Mhz being lower than DDR3@1600Mhz on a i7 4790K (or any other Intel cpu for the matter) ?

    And also, why the 2D Mark with the same videocard is lower on the Ryzen 7 1800X vs i7 4790K (again for example).
    It that test too dependent on memory speed, whereas the 3D Mark isn't? I am very curious about this.

    And lastly, I would very much want to know what compile option(s) is being used for Passmark code? Is it optimized for bmi2_x64, popcnt_x64 or is base_x64?

    On another note: the DirectX 12 fails on Ryzen 7 with the same videocard (GTX 1060) that I was using in a i7 4790k. This also needs explanation plz.


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    Intel has a slightly better memory controller and also better single threaded performance. (especially when looking at memory latency)
    AMD actually does better than Intel in the threaded memory test. Meaning multiple CPU cores are reading from the RAM at the same time. In this case the higher DDR4 throughput is important.
    Implication is that you may as well buy slow RAM with a AMD system, if you are only doing single threaded tasks.

    The 2D results depends on a combination of video card performance, the O/S used, the O/S settings selected and single threaded CPU performance. The Ryzen doesn't have single threaded performance as good as the best Intel chips.

    There is no known problem with DX12 and Ryzen. Of course DX12 is only in Win10 and you need the right video card drivers. So it won't work in Win7.