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Crash in Intel igdumd64 while running 3D DirectX 9 test [Solved]

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  • Crash in Intel igdumd64 while running 3D DirectX 9 test [Solved]

    We had this problem and solution recently reported to us by a customer.

    PerformanceTest V8 will crash while running the DirectX9 3D benchmark test.

    Analysis of the crash dump shows the crash occurred in this software module.
    d3d9 -> Direct3D9EnableMaximizedWindowedModeShim + 0xb2ee

    This occurred inside the Intel video card device driver, igdumd64 + 0xfd18
    d3d9 refers to DirectX V9, which is the software used used for 3D gaming / 3D rendering by Microsoft and the video card vendors.

    CPU in use was a i3-2100 with Intel HD graphics & the video driver was up to date (as of Sept 2016). This was on Win10. We had previously had the software run on thousands of different machines with the same CPU. So it had to be something unusual causing the problem.

    There was a second monitor connected via a USB / Displaylink, connection. Disconnecting the 2nd monitor and stopping the displaylink service didn't help. Uninstalling the displaylink software allowed PerformanceTest to complete. the benchmark test. Conclusion is that there is some incompatibility or bug in the displaylink setup with the Intel driver.

    The Intel driver is known to have other bugs as well in the handling of multiple monitors. Here are two others we came across.
    A crash in CreateDevice() when monitor 1 is not primary.
    A crash in IDXGISwapChain::SetFullscreenState() with 3 monitors connected.