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GPU performance Test Question

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  • GPU performance Test Question

    I just ran the test and got these results

    My question is My GPU is suppose to be better than GTX980 but in the 3d graphics mark test 4 out of 6 test results are way below than GTX980

    3d Graphic Mark
    GTX980 - 10341
    My GTX1070 - 4035

    Graphics 3d Dx9 Simple
    GTX980 - 799
    My GTX1070 - 1168

    Graphics 3d Dx9 Complex
    GTX980 - 174.8
    My GTX1070 - 56.9

    Graphics 3d Dx10
    GTX980 - 164
    My GTX1070 - 60.6

    Graphics 3d Dx11
    GTX980 - 221.1
    My GTX1070 - 48

    Graphics 3d Drect Compute
    GTX980 - 4848
    My GTX1070 - 7238

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    I suspect there is something wrong with your setup.
    The 1070 should (and does) perform better than this.

    The fact that you have two results around 60fps makes me think you might have vertical sync on and a 60Hz monitor refresh rate,


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      yes both are true, i have vsyc on in nvidia control panel and i have a 60hz 32" display


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        I installed the ver 9 and ran the dxll 3d test again 2 times it gave me 60 percentile once and 59 the 2nd.


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          Sorry I am new to PC and don't now much about these things.


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            by turning down the V sync now i got 12908, Thanks for the info.