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Extremely low CPU scores for a 2600k processor.

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  • Extremely low CPU scores for a 2600k processor.

    I have been troubleshooting my computer as of late as games seem to perform much worse than expected on a GTX 1080.
    After being at a loss on what the issue in fact was, I ran some 3D mark tests, which indicated that my i7 2600k CPU was performing much worse than my 2600k peers. So I went on to run CPU-Z tests, also scoring low, and finally Passmark, which confirmed that my scores are much lower than expected. (As you can see, my score is the top score on the image, full score is second image.)

    I hate to bother with my question, but does anyone have any idea what could possibly be causing such a low speed? This test was done at stock speed, as I reverted to rule out OCing as the problem, but at 4.4 ghz, the card still performed maybe 20 points better on a single thread CPU-Z score (600).

    Again, any insight as to what my issue might be would be a great help, as I am totally stuck.

    As you can see, my score is at the top, with a very low score compared to others. While this was stock clocked, overclocking changed very little on CPU-Z tests. Low 2D score as well, along with lower than average 3d score. to be expected if a CPU bottleneck exists.

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    Yes, the CPU seems slow. Also the Turbo speeds was not detected / reported correctly. If you have been overclocking then maybe the BIOS settings are no longer correct. Maybe the heat sink fell off and it now thermally throttled?

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