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PC locks up on 2d test help please

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  • PC locks up on 2d test help please

    Help please my pc locks up on the 2d test at the GUI interface section ???
    ( Locks up it does not crash out and re start )
    The PC is AMD dual 4400+ on a Abit KN8sli board the graphics card is a Geforce 6800 XT with the latest drivers etc
    The system has been a nightmare and before performing the tests it has had it s drive reformatted XP pro and except for drivers and the test software noth else has been loaded on to it.
    It passes a 10min burn test all ok BUT it locks up with out fail on the 2d test . Does any body have any good ideas or is there a hard ware issue ??

    Many thanks


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    It is very hard to know what the cause is. We had a similar lock up issues on one of our development machines. It would lock up about once every 3 days with doing video intensive actions (e.g. resizing a window). That was with a HP Dual Xeon machine with a NVidia 6600 video card.

    We contacted NVidia (who never bother replying) and HP (who suggested some things to look at). After spending many hours looking at the problem we gave up.

    Swapping the video card for a ATI Radeon X600 fixed the problem. It is rock solid now. So it is 100% sure the nVidia card had something to do with the problem. Maybe it was incompatible with the particular motherboard, maybe it didn't like the dual CPUs or maybe it was a device driver bug.

    I just had a look on our baseline download page. There are 87 different working configurations with 6800 cards, but none that I could see with exactly your hardware config.

    A compete system lock up is very hard to debug.