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    Hi, I am wondering if there is a description of each test, like lets say for example:
    cpu compression - what kind of compression, whats the test file size that is being used (since it's compressing some file, right?) etc. etc.
    2d transparent vectors - what does it do (i guess it draws polygons or something), how it's generated, etc. etc.
    These are just examples, I couldn't find such info, so i'm writing here.
    I don't expect a description for 1/2 of a page for each test , just 3 - 4 sentences would be great.

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    There is a brief description of each test in the included help file


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      Yeah, I realize that, but compression is not described at all and for example memory write description is: "This test measures the time taken to write information to memory" - not too much info. I am looking for something more, if it's available.
      Don't get me wrong, I am not whining, it's just that I'd like to have some more details about this whole testing procedure.


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        We feel that the descriptions in the help file are fine for the most part, however we do acknowledge the CPU test descriptions are rather lacking.

        For the standard compression test we use the same method as described in the advanced multiple processes test help page.

        "The Compression test uses an Adaptive encoding algorithm based on source code from Ian H. Witten, Radford M. Neal, and John G. Cleary in an article called “Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression”. The system uses a model which maintains the probability of each symbol being the next encoded. It reports a compression rate of 363% for English text, which is slightly better than the Huffman method. This test reports its results in Kbytes/Sec compressed."


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          Looks like I'll have to live with that .
          Thanks for the info about compression.