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Windows 10 - Automatic Repair - boots in 2nd cycle

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  • Windows 10 - Automatic Repair - boots in 2nd cycle

    Hello. This is similiar topic on our forum but now i will explain more brighter.
    So last time after i change in my UEFI boot priority (but on past it working fine ) from :"UEFI USB KINGSTON" to "P1 SSD SAMSUNG EVO 250 GB" i am getting weird booting problem with Windows 10.

    Click image for larger version

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    When starting Windows 10 boot loader starts by "preparing automatic repair" and diagnosing pc. Then after this i get screen with Your pc did not start correctly or Automatic Repair couldnt repair your pc . And when i click restart then Windows 10 boot fine. So i am needing 2 boots to boot properly to windows.

    My disk is on MBR partirion. Is this related to my UEFI/Partitions?

    Somebody said to me this:"UEFI booting requires a GPT disk. This is why Windows has to fix itself and only boots in 2nd cycle - as you keep trying to boot UEFI to an MBR disk."

    Also i know that UEFI firmware can emulate BIOS functionality (CSM/Legacy) and work with MBR disks just fine. Or i am wrong? And cause is elsewhere?

    I am a little confused. Thx for reply. My ssd Samsung Evo 250 GB , rams 2x8gb DDR3 Kingston Hyperx 1600mhz.