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High performance on Radeon X Vega 56

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  • High performance on Radeon X Vega 56


    After a bit of tweaking and undervolting I managed to get a stable 1720 MHz P7 state on my card. The bios is not flashed (Hynix) and so my Vram is running at only 860 MHz (artifacting and unstable system if higher).

    I managed to get a score of 15650 on the 3D MARK. This falls into the 99% of all tested vega 56's.... This isn't a boasting post, but I was wondering if this is because most users here don't undervolt their vega, or if this specific 3D test does not value the Vram frequency as much and I just have a good card?

    Might not be the best place to ask this, but the score I got really surprised me...

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    Yes, this a high result for this card.
    Lowering voltage doesn't make a card run quicker in itself (as your post implies). But I assume you are saying you overclocked you video card to the point of instability and lowering the voltage resulted in slightly less heat and power used, and that got the card stable again.