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1080 ti scoring low

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  • 1080 ti scoring low


    I just purchased a "lightly used" 1080 ti from ebay. It is an EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 TI SC2 Gaming. I ran passmark on it numerous times and it has not scored 13,000. It usually gets around 129XX. A friend of mine has an Arus version and it thrashes that sore. Mind you I know that it is a high performance version then my card, but this seems very weak. There are some other differences in hardware, but I remember when he was using a Ryzen 1600 just like me. Please let me know if you have any ideas what might be wrong. I replaced a 980ti with this card and thus far I feel a bit underwhelmed. I still have time to return the card if people think that there may be a problem with the card itself.

    First, the hardware
    Ryzen 1600 (not overclocked at the moment)
    Board - MSI B350 Gaming pro
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 TI SC2 Gaming
    Memory - At the moment I have 16gb of 2400 PC4 memory from a Dell. I am only using this until my Corsair Dominator 3000 memory comes back in (I had to RMA it).
    Drive - Samsung 850 M.2 512gb (I am using the Samsung caching software)
    Other drives - 2 mechanicals, both 2TB 7200 RPM
    USB expansion card (cheap amazon job) PCI-E
    A liquid cooler on the CPU (I don't think my problem is heat. Temps seem ok on CPUZ).
    PSU - Corsair 650W (the one with the green logo on the side)
    Windows 10

    Things I have tried:
    Used video driver uninstaller to uninstall old video drivers.
    Installed latest NVIDIA drivers
    Virus and adware checks.
    Turned power to performance in NVIDIA control panel.
    Uninstalled GeForce Experience.
    Updated BIOS.
    Closed all junk programs before running.
    Ran Windows updates.
    I believe I turned of Windows recording (that gaming thing they implemented recently)
    Set Windows to performance.

    My Windows install is MANY years old at this point. It was Win 8 upgraded to Win 10 when the free upgrades were first offered. (if it matters)

    I have tested games. I feel like they do run better than they did on the 980ti, but I don't feel like it is a great improvement. VR is especially disappointing. I have an Oculus and was playing Fallout 4. The graphics get the "wave effect" and it seems to start to stutter a bit after awhile. The game has randomly quit a few times while I was testing. I know this is not the most stable game, so it may just be the game itself. I have not yet checked event manager to see if there are any official reports.

    I am a bit at a loss. I have done a lot of searching, and I don't know what is left to try. I don't have much more money to throw at the computer, but like a motherboard swap or something like that would be fine. I got the card for a good price. I am not dying to return it, but I would if it could be faulty.

    Please let me know hat you think!
    Thanks in advance.

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    A 3Dmark of 129xx isn't so bad for a 1080ti. A bit below average, but not awful.

    Here is the distribution of 3DMark scores for the 1080 ti.

    3Dmark 1080ti benchmarks

    I don't think you are ever going to get really big scores with the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 as it doesn't have great single threaded performance.