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Inline power supply testers tease

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  • Inline power supply testers tease

    Here's a tease of a new product we have under development. It's an inline PSU tester for desktop PC power supplies.

    PC Power supply tester Prototype 2

    It's early days at the moment, but we'll have more to say over the coming months.

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    A tease indeed. wondering if this will work in servers as well...


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      After many prototypes of the Inline power supply tester, we are now only a few weeks away from mass production. We've switched screens, changed the buttons, re-did the design, got a bunch of custom cables made up and we are in the process of doing some custom plastic moulding at the moment, plus finalising the PC software.

      Here's a few more photos from the current prototype unit.

      PSU Ripple measurement testing

      PSU Tester Ripple measurements

      PSU timing testing (we check the T1, T2, T3 and T6 times and the power OK signal)

      PSU Tester Timing measurements

      And a view of the rear of the unit showing the cable running from the power supply, the power cable going to the motherboard, and the tester in series.
      PSU Tester rear view inline cables