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Windows 10 - 2 problems on fresh system

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  • Windows 10 - 2 problems on fresh system

    My pc:
    8700K stock
    2x8GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz ( XMP
    Corsair 750 i
    Asus Z370 Pro Gaming.

    I have 2 disks. SSD Crucial 525 GB MX 300 and Toshiba 500GB.
    I have an question about system Windows 10.
    I installed from Pendrive USB Windows 10 from here:

    On a fresh formatted ssd i install Windows 10.
    When i installed Windows 10 there was a problem with...

    1.When i go to windows settings, no matter what i click on system settings it wont opened. SO click and nothing.

    2.Problem with web browsers ( Firefox and Chrome ).
    When i go to some site, and try to download something ( right click save ), browser just hang,and not respond. I had to click X on the browser.

    This happens in BOTH Firefox and Chrome, which is why I think it's an issue on Windows' part?

    That was this 2 problems after i installed Windows 10 from Pendrive.
    I dont know how but after 2-3 restart now its all fine and working fine.
    I just ask why that happened? It maybe was related to my rams?
    But i tested memtests and no errors. Thanks for suggestions.

    I also checked DISK status, and GOOD HEALTHS.

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    Very unlikely it was a RAM fault, if a reboot permanently fixed it.

    As per your last post. The general policy with PCs is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. PCs are an extremely complex combination of hardware and software and do one off strange things all the time. Generally it does't make sense to worry about things have fixed themselves with a reboot and aren't reproducible.


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      I remember that in this time, windows was installing automatically itself in background nvidia driver. When driver installed that issues gone.

      But i tried to reproduce this issues and i format disk again and installed Win 10 again from pendrive. But this time all was fine even before nvidia driver automatically installed in background..
      And my question is. Why after second format and second clean install Windows 10 i dont had this issue? Thank you for explanation. Cheers