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Ryzen 1600X v 1600

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  • Ryzen 1600X v 1600

    Passmark, can you explan why the 1600 is outperforming the 1600X in Passmark ratings?

    Can you delve deeper into the data to determine if there is a bias towards overclocking in the 1600 to arrive at a higher Passmark rating... as of today, there are 569 samples taken out of the 1600 and only 181 from the 1600X. Something doesn't seem right. A median value of the frequency taken in the benchmark samples would be good. Thanks.

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    We'll take a deeper look in the next few days, but upon initial review, there seems to be a user that submitted over 250 submissions from the same (or very similar machines. e.g. 2-3 different videocard or amount of memory, but each setup was submitted numerous times) for the 1600 with higher than the average rating that was skewing the results upwards. We removed most of them from the database but left a few that were not duplicates setup.As a result this brought the average from the 1600 down.

    We'll review the data for 1600X as well in the coming days.