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GTS480 or 560ti 448?

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  • GTS480 or 560ti 448?

    Hi all,
    I am currently building a i7 2600k with Z68 Motherboard 8GB Ram and all that jazz. I would go for the i5 2500k but I also use the PC for 3d and video editing, but I also want to be able to play games. Or do you guys think the i5 would be better, I am not sure how much of a difference hyper threading makes.

    My main problem is that I am not sure which video card I should get.
    I first thought 2 older SLI/CrossfireX, but then I thought that it costs more to upgrade later on, because I need to replace 2 cards instead of upgrading to SLI/CrossfireX then.

    I saw on Newegg that the EVGA GTX480 only costs $250 and most tests show that it's faster than the 560ti 448 ($300).
    But I am not a pro here at all and the last rig I built was in 2006.
    Will the GTX480 still be for sale in about a year or if I get this one I pass on a future SLI upgrade?
    Is there a Radeon option that would be better? I am 50/50 between Geforce and Radeon, no preference at all.

    In sum, which video card would be the best option I don't want to spend a lot more than $300 especially because they evolve so fast, I rather upgrade in a shorter period of time.

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    Either the 2600K or the 2500K will play all the current games just fine. Might get slightly higher frame rates with the 2600K, depending on the game. The 2600K is clearly a better CPU, just depends on your budget.

    Don't get 2 old cards in SLI. It will be hotter, noisier, less reliable, less compatible and suck down more power.

    Get a single newer card, then upgrade to a 2nd card later if you think you need it. But you might find that in 12 months that it makes sense to get the latest card at the time, rather than a 2nd old card to match the one you get today. You'll have the choice however.

    GeForce GTX 480 should be OK. If you had a few more $$ the GTX570 is preferable however (less heat and noise).


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      Sounds good thank you very much for your reply, I might save the $100 on the CPU go for the i5 2500k and get the 570.