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Dude, I should have got a Dell

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  • Dude, I should have got a Dell

    So I built a $500 PC and benchmarked it against a $500 Dell. The ratings were close over all, but the Dell crushed my build in 2D graphics and memory and I don't know why. Could someone have a look at the information below and tell me where I went wrong?

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    Actually your 3D results were much better than the Dell.

    You have 4 cores, but the Dell has 2 cores. Despite this the Dell still performed slightly better in the CPUMark. The CPUMark benchmarks all use all available cores.

    The conclusion from this is that your A6-3650 CPU has very poor single threaded performance. So in the other single threaded tests, like the image filters and memory access speeds, which depend somewhat on the CPUs performance, you are going to get spanked.

    In summary the A6-3650 is only competitive with the i3-2100 in cases where all 4 cores of the A6-3650 can be put to use, or when doing 3D.