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My score on brand new build

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  • My score on brand new build

    Trying to find out if my score is decent. Or where I can improve on (hardware wise). Note: i did a comparison but couldn't make heads or tails)

    My system:

    - Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z mATX
    - i5 2500k (stock)
    - G Skill 2x4GB Ripjaws X
    - MSI 560gtx-ti
    -1TB WD caviar black
    -Asus BD

    My scores:

    Complete Result- 3029.7
    CPU Mark- 7601.5
    2D Graphics Mark- 890.1
    3D Graphics Mark- 3526.6
    Memory Mark- 2333.4
    Disk Mark- 996.0
    CD Mark- 330.7

    Thank you for any responses in advance! I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated. Trying to build the best system I can afford.

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    Results look above average for this hardware.

    One easy way to compare is to look at the charts here,