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    Any idea how I can use my bootable UFD on a computer that does not support booting from a USB?

    I don't have a windows install to boot into either.

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    Is this one of our UFD, or just a miscellaneous one? Must be pretty old PC not to support USB booting.

    If it is one of our UFDs and the machine has Windows on it, then why not just run the software from inside the operating system from the USB drive? Do you really need to boot it off USB?


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      Yes this is the bootable UFD with Passmark software on it.

      Which is quite awesome as long as I am using it on a comp that can boot from it.

      I repair industrial computers which are typically quite old. It's not uncommon to see computers that are running Win 2000, NT4, linux, etc.

      So if I cant boot from the UFD, I can't run it from inside Windows, what are my options?

      Do they sell a CD version?


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        Option 1:
        Have a spare hard drive sitting around with Windows XP installed on it, then drop this drive into the computer to be tested as a new boot drive. So the existing drive becomes the secondary drive.

        Make your own boot CD with Windows PE. This document has instructions.

        Make your own boot CD with Linux and BurnInTest for Linux. This page has instructions.

        Note that you won't be able to use the software on the UFD for options 2 & 3