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    I start by saying that I appreciate your benchmark. 99% of the results shown be your benchmark say the same thing as other ones found on the internet, your own having the advantage of keeping them all in one place making it a lot easier to compare.

    I said 99% because there is one result that is at least absurd. More precisely, the result of the AMD A8-3850 , which is of 5944, making it as powerful as an i5-2310 or i5-2400.

    I am hoping that this is a mere typo and you wrote 5944 instead of 3944. Same goes for the AMD A6-3650 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 5433 .

    You said that the cpu benchmark has nothing to do with graphics power. Thus, the above mentioned results are absurd. Hopefully it is only a typo.

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    The A8-3850 does much better in 64bit than 32bit. When both the O/S and test application are 64bit and 64bit data is being used. See,

    A lot of the other benchmarks are only using 32bit apps