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Passmark not recognising Geforce card

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  • Passmark not recognising Geforce card

    Hi all,

    As you do, I just run the passmark software after receiving a new laptop.

    Strangely though the software only recognises the on board graphics card (Intel HD Graphics family), when in fact I have a Geforce GT 525M.

    I have selected in graphics preferences to use the Geforce for all, then restarted laptop and passmark software, but still it says Intel HD.

    Any ideas?

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    Currently there isn't a method of determining which of the two video card is active. PerformanceTest will list the Intel HD card first as it is the default card and you should see the 525M listed as the second card in the system information tab.

    With the 525 selected to run for all programs you should see a 3D rating of about 700, the Intel HD should have a rating around 350.