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Intel E6700 2.66 Ghz vs E6700 3.20 Ghz

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  • Intel E6700 2.66 Ghz vs E6700 3.20 Ghz

    I have an older computer with a Intel E6300 1.86Ghz CPU and want to replace the cpu with the fastest cpu that is compatable with the MBO.

    I KNOW it sounds foolish to upgrade a computer this old but I do not want to go throught the hassle of a new computer and installing all of my software on a new machine. I use and need my computer every day for work purposes and don't want to be "down" for a number of days due to software installs, etc. I have been doing some video editing and the E6300 just doesn't handle it a lot of the time. I also KNOW that even if I replace the E6300 with the E6700 the computer will be far from optimal for video editing.

    I have also considered replacing both the MBO and processor however I would then also have to buy new RAM. However, MBO price + CPU price + new RAM price all adds up to a cost that doesn't make sense to me for an "upgrade". Replacing the MBO also MAY also require new cards due to the fact that my older cards may not fit or work in a newer MBO.

    The MBO compatability page on Intels site shows the fastest cpu as a E6700 2.66 Ghz. The bus speed and BIOS versions are the same for both the existing E6300 and E6700.

    I have not been able to find a E6700 2.66 Ghz available but have found a E6700 available (new w/fan) at TigerDirect, however it is rated at 3.20 Ghz

    My questions are:

    #1 --Can I safely replace the E6300 with the (TigerDirect)E6700 even though the rating is 3.20 Ghz and not the 2.66 Ghz as shown as compatable on the Intel compatablity chart?

    #2 -- In your opinion, is it worth $85 to go from 2 cores @ 1.86 Ghz to 2 cores @ 3.20 (If I can in fact use the 3.20 Ghz CPU)?

    #3 -- If the E6300 1.86 is replaced with the E6700 3.20 Ghz will I actually be able to notice the increase in processing speed?

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    I am assuming your MB has a LGA775 CPU socket.

    In which case you should be able to use any LGA775 CPU. But It might be the case that this MB doesn't support 45mn CPUs. In which case the Q6700 might be the best.

    Depending on the software you are using (and if the bottle neck is the CPU and not your disk or RAM) then you'll notice the difference.


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      I am leaning towards the E6700 instead of the Q6700 for two reasons. #1 -- I have searched and cannot find a Q6700 at NewEgg, Tigerdirect, etc. #2 -- the minimum bios version for the Q6700 is different than for the E6700 and my present E6300.

      MBO is in fact 775.

      Thanks for the help and assistance. I wanted to verify that the E6700 would in fact work prior to purchasing it.