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Perfomancetest CPU-Mark Intel i7-860/870

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  • Perfomancetest CPU-Mark Intel i7-860/870

    Hello Friends

    Why the hell (sorry ) are the Intel Core i7-Lynnfield-CPUs so deep in frequency and in the follow in the CPU-Benchmark Ratingpoints? An average of 5527Pts. (by 2643Mhz) is not representativ, while other CPUs are overclocked!
    My i7-860 has a rating of 5883 Pts. by normal 2800MHz clock!

    How can it happen, that the Lynnfields are underclocked so massiv?

    Best regards
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    ...ohh i see, it's only wrong labeled by Passmark (Chart), one Multiplicator too less.
    My own result came with overclocked multi x22 instead x21.
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      The chart is not wrongly labelled as far as I can see. The measurement of clock speed in Mhz is done as PerformanceTest starts up. It isn't always the case that the CPU ramps up to maximum speed at this time. (new CPUs auto under clock when idle).

      This does not effect the benchmark results however.