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HD5850 graphics Strange medium and Simple 3D Results

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  • HD5850 graphics Strange medium and Simple 3D Results

    Hi guys

    I've recently purchased a new computer and was just wondering about the performance of my Radeon HD5850 graphics card.

    Im running Windows 7 64 bit with a Quad-Core i7-930 @ 2.9GHz, 6 gig DDR3 RAM (1600MHz), and ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard.

    Using the 64 bit version of Performance Test Im getting around 1800 overall score for 3D with my 5850 which, compared to the average score on the benchmarks section of this website, is approximately 600 points below average (Average: ~2400). Is this about right or is my card under performing? If its under performing what could be the issue?

    In the screen shot below Im comparing my 3D rating to another computer's 3D rating which has almost exactly the same hardware as me but different motherboard (ASUS P6TD Deluxe) and the results look like the simple and medium graphics sections are not going so well. Do they look right to you guys? (Maybe the other results are due to overclocking the GPU?)



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    One factor could be driver differences between benchmarks. There can often be significant performance differences between driver version, and the latest drivers are not always the fastest.

    While the medium test score does look quite low in comparison, it's still over 100fps which is more than most people would need. More importantly the complex and DX10 tests are keeping pace which is more indicative of performance in heavy graphic card usage apps.


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      run dxdiag and make sure your system is dx11 compatible


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        DX11 is not required for the DX10 test.