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Hard drive problem??

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  • Hard drive problem??

    D I need to worry aboput the following message from my Magix PC Check Live:

    "Raw Read Error Rate" = 14056: Currently, 14056 read attempts have failed on the hard drive.

    "Spin-up time" = 0: The time required by the hard drive to achieve operating speed is 0 milliseconds.

    "Start/Stop count" = 645: The number of motor spindle start/stop cycles is 645.

    "Reallocated Sector Count" = 0: Currently, 0 sectors needed to be relocated due to surface errors on the hard drive.

    "Seek Error Rate" = 57997: Currently, 57997 positioning problems with the hard drive's read/write head have been detected.

    "Power On Time Count" = 3845: The time that the hard drive has been powered up is 3845 hours.

    "Spin Retry Count" = 2: 2 attempts were needed to accelerate the hard drive to operating speed.

    "Drive Power Cycle Count" = 2402: The hard drive was connected 2402 times to the power source.

    "Airflow Temperature" = 33: The temperature of the air current in the hard drive housing amounts to 33 C.

    "HDD Temperature" = 33: The hard drive temperature is 33 C.

    "Hardware ECC Recovered" = 14056: Currently, 14056 read errors have been corrected by internal error correction processes.

    "Current Pending Sector Count" = 17: 17 sectors have been marked for error testing.

    "Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count" = 17: 17 sectors have been relocated; the data was not able to be saved and is therefore damaged.

    "Ultra-ATA CRC Error Count" = 0: During data transfer between the hard drive and the computer, 0 checksum errors were detected.

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    "Magix PC Check Live", is not our software. You should contact the vendor. You might also want to have a look at our DiskCheckup software.