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    Video Benmarks

    Firstly since this is my first visit i would like to say what a great website and thanks for having me.

    I recently stumbled across your website and use it as a useful tool as to gage components as i am looking to find a new computer. One computer in particular had a videocard Radeon HD 4890 but recently the sellers have changed this to a Radeon HD 5770. According to the passmark high end chart this is ranked lower than the 4890. This has left me a little confused since the price has also increased somewhat. Can somebody please clarify which is the better card and perhaps elaborate as to why the newer 5770 is lower in the chart.

    Many thanks.

  • wonderwrench
    Yes that is strange as the 5770 is a mid range card and the 4890 is a high end card. The only thing the 5770 has over the 4890 is DX11 support. The only 5xxx cards faster than a 4890 are the 5850,5870 and the 5970. One reason for the price premium on the 5xxx cards is they just came out. If your a hardcore gamer I'd hold out for a 5850, 5870 or if money is no object a 5970. Anyone of the three should be able to handle the latest games at 1920x1080 resolution. Prices should come down once supply can keep up with demand.

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