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BatteryMon V2.1 Released

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  • BatteryMon V2.1 Released

    BatteryMon has been updated from V2.0 to V2.1, new features include:

    - Windows Vista Support
    - Improved notification options/criteria
    - Added scroll bar to graph
    - Changed default location of the log file. Log file now resides in "My Documents\Passmark\BatteryMon\"
    - Added option to change location of log file
    - Added option to date stamp auto log files
    - Updated BatteryMon Logo

    BatteryMon Website

    Download BatteryMon V2.1

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    Hi Michael,

    The new log is a great improvement over the previous version, I really appreate it and adding the date at the end of files is perfect. Another minor improvement that would be interesting, is to start automatically a new log (with a new header), when the battery is replaced in the same day and to identify them by adding a number at the end of dated file name.

    My question is this: Is it possible to desactivate the close button in the main window in order to avoid closing BatteryMon accidentally? I would just open the icon menu to exit the program instead.

    Great job!
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