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Custom Keyboard .kbl file help

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  • Custom Keyboard .kbl file help

    We have a custom keyboard which sends a 3 byte sequence based on the value read from an analog to digital converter (ADC). The keyboard processor triggers the ADC to do a conversion and then builds a 3 byte sequence to send up the wire. The sequence starts with the "\" backslash key with the next two bytes having the ADC value. So while the first byte is always defined, the next two bytes will vary based on the value read from the ADC.

    Is there a way to have KeyboardTest look for this 3 byte sequence and indicate that it did occur? I do not need to verify the ADC values, I am really more concerned that the sequence of 3 bytes was sent by the keyboard.

    Thanks, Jim

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    As the two bytes following the slash can be any value it is likely that some of the time KeyboardTest will see what looks like a valid sequence of 3 keys. e.g. \xy or \ab. But other times the 2nd two values might not match up to any existing key. But even in this case you should still be able to see the raw values in the keyboard test window.

    Is this the behavior you see?


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      This is exactly what I am seeing- Ironically, the other two bytes that come after the '\' do not seem false any of the other keys. I guess I must of lucked out.


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        I guess I must of lucked out
        I guess it depends on what you were hoping to see? If you were just wanting to check that the ADC was producing some values, then you have succeeded.

        Obviously if the values produced by the ADC changed, then the keys matched would also change.

        If the values produced by the ADC didn't change you should be able to edit the keyboard file to force those bytes to match a particaular key on the keyboard, or some dummy key that you create.