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Battery Question Inspiron 1000

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  • Battery Question Inspiron 1000

    I have a Dell iInspiron 1000 laptop. I know that the battery needs replaced, it is the original battery from 12/2005 when I bought the laptop new, but I am afraid that I have a bigger problem. My first question is will this unit run without a battery? I have searched online without finding the answer. If this unit will run without the battery what else may be the problem? It will power up and show it is charging the battery and running on ac power, but it will show just 2-5% charge the charge will go down fast, then within a few minutes the laptop powers off. This happens even when plugged in. Any help is greatly appreaciated.


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    If the machine works with mains power (without the battery in the machine), then I would try getting a new battery.

    If the machine doesn't work with mains power. I don't think there is much point buying a new battery.