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Battery Capacity readings??

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  • Battery Capacity readings??

    Hi i installed batterymon yesterday coz i have been having trouble with my battery in that its not lasting as long as it used to. The battery is BP 8050 for packard bell easynote rated as 11.1V and 4400mAH. Battery Mon displays that the rating is somewhere around 300mAH and the manufactured capacity is rated just above that so that I have a deterioration of somewhere around 3%. Is there a way that I can reset my battery so that I can see just how much it has actually deteriorated? Why does battery mon give me the incorrect readings?

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    BatteryMon reports the information that is made available from the battery and the charging circuitry. So if the numbers are wrong it is unlikely that BatteryMon is to blame, as it just displays the data it is given.

    There is no way that we know about the 'reset' a laptop battery.