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ImageUSB failing to extend partition even after trying latest build v1.2

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  • ImageUSB failing to extend partition even after trying latest build v1.2

    I created an image of an 8GB flash drive and I'm trying to write the image to a larger 16GB flash driver; however, I'm receiving an error that it is unable to extend the partition. I see where this issue was supposed to be fixed within the latest release.

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    What is the filesystem format of the image?


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      Hi Richard. I have the same error when i try to extend a EXT partition (pi sd card). Extention of a partition/disk is limited to specific FS or any other factors also


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        Originally posted by xbox123 View Post
        I have the same error when i try to extend a EXT partition...
        Option to extend partition when writing image is currently only supported for single partition images with NTFS file system. Other file systems are not supported at this time.


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          I am also having issues with pushing smaller images to larger USB drives. The last thing I tried was created a new bin from a 4Gb usb formatted NTFS and thentrying to image a 64Gb flash. It goes through the motions until it tries to extend the partition. At that point, ImageUSB crashes and stops.
          I am using the latest version from the website build 1003.
          I tried again, running as Administrator.. still the same thing.
          Any ideas?


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            If it crashes, can you send us the debug log file,

            To have imageUSB output debug information you need to start imageUSB with the "-d" command line arguement. It will save the debug information into the logfile, "imageUSB.log".

            Quick way to do this is create a shortcut to imageUSB.exe. Right click->Properties and then edit the target. (i.e. "C:\Users\Passmark01\Desktop\imageUSB\imageUSB .exe -d")


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              OK I formatted the 16GB USB drive using ImageUSB. That way I know it's formatted as NTFS. I created a 4GB image, formatted NTFS. I set the software up with Debug activated.
              I selected that image and selected "extend Partition" and verification. It failed when extending the partition. The log has multiple tries. Last one shows the error.


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                From the log "Failed with error code 3: The system cannot find the path specified." seems to indicate imageUSB is failing to obtain the drive information for Drive G so it can't determine what the filesystem it is.

                If the image you created is not sensitive, it might quicker if we can obtain a copy of it. If it is possible, send us an email and we'll provide FTP instructions. Else we'll try to reproduce it on our end, fix may not be until later.


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                  A bug has been resolved in V1.3.1004 that was preventing Extend Partition function to complete because it was incorrectly detecting the file system type of the partition. Extend partition function still only supports extending of NTFS file system partitions.