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Can't run ImageUSB on Pentium 3

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  • Can't run ImageUSB on Pentium 3

    XP SP3 x32, Pentium 3 with 768MB, running v.1.2.1003.0 as admin.

    The tool crashes on start without printing anything.

    Running with debugger shows an "illegal instruction" exception. Indeed, the offending instruction is one added in SSE2 (P4).

    If XP support is claimed, it may be more reasonable to stick to the XP system requirements (which are Pentium1+).

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    Yes, it was probably compiled with the default CPU options, which is likely a requirement for a P4.

    I haven't looked at this type of issue for about 10 years, so probably all our software is like this, but up until now it hasn't been an issue.

    Starting next year (after the Win10 release) we'll probably start to drop XP support, or at least stop testing on XP. So I can't see us going back to fix it unless someone was to pay us to do it.


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      Hmm, pay, you say... Well, how about $5 for compiling the current version with legacy processor support one-time? (just add /arch:IA32 to cl.exe command line everywhere; if you give me some details about your build environment, I will be able to be more specific.) You don't need to do this for later versions: XP isn't gonna change anytime soon and the functionality is pretty much complete, too. PM me a bank card number to receive the transfer (or PM your price if that is your concern; the sum looks adequate for me for a couple of minutes' work).
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        > how about $5

        Maybe that is what you believe your time is worth.

        I don't get out of bed for anything less than $500 however.

        In any case it isn't about XP support. It is about support for a 16 year old CPU. We don't see the point.


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          $5 is actually worth 1-2 hours of full-time programming work here in Russia with current USD exchange rates. So, for $500, I could order a new utility written. Well, too bad.


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            Maybe if you charged a bit more for your time you wouldn't need to do you development work on a 16 year old computer. Would also save you a lot of time complaining about how your computer doesn't work with modern software.


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              I don't do development work on it. I brought it up to make bootable USBs to fix another machine. For this kind of task, any old box would suffice.
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