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Use of KeyboardTest as a portable app

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  • Use of KeyboardTest as a portable app

    is it possible to run KeyboardTest as a portable app. We produce PCs with intergrated keyboards and would like to test the PC hardware with Burnin Test which works very good.
    To test the integrated keyboard with KeyboardTest we have the problem that booted from windows PE it does not accept the licens data found in c:\ProgramData\PassMark\KeyboardTest\KeyboardTest. ini is it generally possible to use it that way and what kind of license do we need for this.

    Thanks for your help.

    Gunter Lamprecht

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    KeyboardTest supports a key.dat file for portability. This key.dat file needs to be created in the same folder as the KeyboardTest executable file. It is a plain text file with 2 lines in it. The first line is the User Name and the second line is the License Key, which you get following a purchase of the software.