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  • DiskCheckup (needs to be a service)

    Good day.

    I just discovered DiskCheckup. I've tried other SMART tools (mainly Active@'s) and looked over others quickly (SmartMonTools) but I think your tool does what I need and is simple to use, AND it pulled USB SMART data where other tools failed - Unfortunately I cannot use it unless you know how? see #3 below. I do have a few questions:

    1- On the tool's homepage it states "PassMark DiskCheckup allows the user to monitor the SMART attributes of a particular hard disk drive." It is the "Particular Hard Drive" bit that worries me. If I run DiskCheckup minimized and polling every N minutes, will it be checking ALL my drives and notifying me when a SMART attribute of any one of them fails? I think it will but just wanna be sure...

    2- TEC Stats: There is no interface for retention settings; how long is TEC data retained? I think "Forever" is not very useful and wastes resources. I'd like to be able to set retention to a specific number of snapshots, is this possible? (I can always CRON some script to delete the database every year, but it's not a perfect solution).

    3- This tool can NOT be run by a normal user. Your website says to tick "Run as Administrator" on the compatibility tab of shortcut properties, but this requires that the user be a member of the Administrators group to begin with otherwise that setting does nothing; I could not get it to work otherwise. I have tried all kinds of things with Task Scheduler, but either it runs as the local admin (and then it puts its Systray icon under THAT user, making it invisible to normal users) or it doesn't run. Please make a "Pro" version that you SELL (I will buy it) which installs a Service and where the UI is a separate program that can run with no privileges. Or do you know the magic to run this under a normal user? I will be forced to look at SmartMonTools

    Thank you.
    Best Regards,