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Diskcheckup - Display message AND send e-mail

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  • Diskcheckup - Display message AND send e-mail


    I am currently looking for a solution to monitor the SMART values on our laptops and DiskCheckUp looks quite promising.

    Is there any way to configure it to display a message to the user AND send an e-mail notifiacation?
    As these settings are a radio button I don't see how this could be accomplished with the GUI, is there any other way?

    It would also be very helpful if there was an option to initiate the notification actions if there is a change to a certain SMART attribute.
    Intention: Most Seagate drives I have had failed on me didn't report a bad SMART status, but reallocated sectors count had increased way above normal already on many of them.

    Hope you can give me some advice

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    The short answer is no.

    But I have added your requests to a list of possible features for a future release. DiskCheckup doesn't get as much love as some of the other products as it is free and we really don't get any income from it.

    We do offer the Sysinfo DLL that you can use to read out the SMART data (and a lot more) and develop your own solution however.


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      Good day. I'll add my voice; it took me a minute to realize it was a Radio Button next to those notification options - I was wondering why I couldn't select to have a pop-up AND an email sent... Best Regards,


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        I'll add my voice
        Thanks, but your cash would be more effective is getting work done