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ImageUSB - USB flash drive is not bootable or is in RAW format

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  • ImageUSB - USB flash drive is not bootable or is in RAW format

    Hello Mr,

    I have ISO file with Win10 bootable OS and i need to apply Image on many USB flash drive. For this action is ImageUSB perfect solution.
    If i use ImageUSB for apply ISO to USB, imageing is complete without errors (MD5 is correct). But in OS i see unformated USB flash drive and file format is RAW.

    So i found another way. I created bootable USB drive from ISO with Windows USB/DVD tool. With ImageUSB i created bin image an this image applied to another USB flash drive. YES USB flash drive is correct, formated as a NTFS and is visible in OS like standard DVD. But this USB is not bootable (not visible in boot menu).

    Please do you have any idea how solve this issue?
    My ideas are exhausted.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!
    With regards
    Ivo Popelak

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    The current ImageUSB release will write an .ISO to USB, but it doesn't do a format conversion to the NTFS file system. So that explains the 1st part.

    Was the initial USB drive bootable (after the " Windows USB/DVD tool", but before using ImageUSB?


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      Hi Im having the same issue.

      I have a bootable windows 10 usb, in ntfs format made with rufus 3.0

      I then create a imageusb bin file of the key and it creates it fine.

      the after creating usb's with imageusb and the bin fine, it reports they were written fine but when plugged in they are raw


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        Are you sure the initial USB drive readable?
        Do you still have the log from Image USB?


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          Hi, thanks for the replay, the usb is bootable.

          I dont have the log file as i changed to version 1.2 1006 and the usb creation is fine. only happens with 1.3 1006.

          once ive done a batch ill get a log file for you