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Image USB files slightly larger than media

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  • Image USB files slightly larger than media


    I'm using ImageUSB v1.1 build 1015 on a W7/64b PC. I've previously created an image of a 4GB CF card. Bin log says the file size is 4000317440 bytes. If I try to write that image to UFD I am told that the media (4GB) is too small... available size is 3.72Gb. If I write to a 16Gb file, it goes in no problem. Is there any way to make a 4Gb image fit back on to a 4Gb CF card?



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    Unfortunately the labeling of drives seems to be the approximate size of the drive. We have drives from the same manufacturer and model and sometimes the total bytes would differ a few megabytes.

    Depending on how full the drive is and how fragmented the data is, you may be able to get a way with writing the 4GB image on to the smaller drive. Or if only the contents of the drive is what you are after (and not exact duplicate is needed), you can write the image to the 16GB drive (or just mount the image), and just copy and paste the contents to the smaller drive.


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      I tried OSFMount... Doesn't work... I mount the image file & windows keeps telling me I have to format th drive before I can use it - so the image is unaccesable. Not sure how to get around that...


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        If the image you are mounting is from imageUSB, OSFMount should recognize this and skip the first 512 bytes. If not, make sure to set the image file offset to 512 bytes to bypass some meta information imageUSB adds to the image file.

        How many partitions and what file systems were on the original CF Card? If the filesystem is not supported Windows, then you would get the format the drive message.


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          Image is from hard drive, created from CF card. Offset doesn't work. I don't know exactly what is on it or how many partitions. I suspect it might be Linux. I just need to be able to transfer the contents to a 4gb flash card & not a 16gb card simply because the image file that was created went beyond the actual size of the card. I don't have a Linux system or tools to be able to play with it. I guess I'm pooched....

          Thanks anyway.


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            I suspect it might be Linux
            That would explain why Windows doesn't recognise the file system, and prompts for a format.

            Our OSForensics software can browse Linux file systems. But you can also just setup a VM with Linux to read the file system if you wanted. There is always a solution to these problems, it just depends on how much time to you want to spend on it.