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  • ModemTest discontinued notice

    Just some advance warning. We are planning to discontinue support & development on our ModemTest application within the next month, May 2012.

    ModemTest was originally developed and released more than 10 years ago. This was in the era when dial up modems were a popular means of getting on the internet and a solution to test the reliability of modems according ITU standards to was in demand.

    Times have now changed, wireless, ADSL & cable have made the dial up modem redundant, and our ModemTest software with it.

    Our plan it to make 1 final release of ModemTest, to remove the license requirements and turn it into free software. So while the software will now be free we don't plan on providing any support for it.

    If you need to test the bandwidth of your internet connection we suggest you check out the advanced network test in PerformanceTest instead.