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Passmark USB3-Test showed bus errors

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  • Passmark USB3-Test showed bus errors

    I have observed CRC-16 physical link layer errors on one out of two USB 3.0 ports on my board. I am searching for the root cause of this issue.

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    What chipset s being used in the host? Is this with a hub?

    It normally indicates some type of data corruption, maybe due to electrical issues.


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      Are you using the front panel USB ports? Physical errors are common when using front ports.
      The physical errors occur in a USB 3.0 bus when there is a signal integrity issue. A limited number of these errors are considered normal as long as there are no link layer errors. Compared to physical errors, link layer errors are a major concern as they may cause resetting of the communication if the number of link layer errors exceed the threshold of 64.