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Speed negotiation with Modem Test

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  • Speed negotiation with Modem Test

    We are impressed with your product. Before making purchase we have few questions to ask:
    1. Does it provide speed negotiations. We do not see the speed results anywhere in the log.
    2. If we set 14.4 K on one side and 56K other side, what will be the resulting transmission speed?
    3. Can we get the detailed step by step logs of modem state change somehow?

    4. For peer-to-peer test, do we have to buy two licenses or one is sufficient.


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    1) The ModemTest software doesn't control the speed negotiations between the modems. The modems handle this themselves during the training & connection phase. But most modems will take instructions about which standards (and thus speeds) to try and use. You can enter in command in the "modem init" string field in ModemTest.

    When a connection is made most modems output a string like,
    Connected at 33Kbit/s

    2) Depends on your modems and their settings and how they handle negotiations and fall back speeds. In most cases the would use the highest speed available on both sides.

    3) Depends on what commands your modem supports, but in most cases there isn't much more detail available.

    4) If you are installing the software on two machines two licenses are required.