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  • Setup Error 3

    Hi Everybody,
    I get Setup Error 3 when I try to run Keyboard test with the key.dat file.

    I tried to re-install 3 times now and it's still the same problem. I have netered the key kode to the registration form after setup and everything is fine, but as soon as I move the application to the Machine I want to test, I get this error.

    It seems the folder that contains the testapplication is always write protected, no matter if I use the the setup procedure or copy the files to e manually created folder. It's always the same problem.

    Thanks for fast reply.

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    I assume this problem is in fact related to our KeyboardTest software? What O/S are you using on the machine that is having a problem?

    Having a write protected program files directory make me think it is Vista?

    Does it work without the key.dat file? What do you have in the key.dat file?


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      Hi Ian,
      I'm currently working on WinXP home/pro (german) not Vista.

      Yes without the key.dat it works, in DEMO mode.

      In the file I have:
      User Name
      License No.

      Both received by eMail from your sales.



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        Any news? Should I upload my key.dat somewhere?


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          The current version of KeyboardTest does not have the key.dat functionality. However there should be a new release in the next week that enables it.

          Update: KeyboardTest now supports a key.dat file for portability. This key.dat file needs to be created in the same folder as the KeyboardTest executable file. It is a text file with 2 lines in it. The first line is the User Name and the second line is the License Key, which you get following a purchase of the software.


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            Does the current availabel Version include the key.dat feature? I didn't find a changelog.