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Passmark modeom test show error

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  • Passmark modeom test show error


    I would like to ask about PassMark Modem wherein when we test phone line stimulator is always fail(show errors).We run the test for 12 hours and have 180 errors. We set Master and Slave to run PassMark Modem Test V1.3(use two way data transfer). We use another way to test modem file copy and compare for 12 hours and result is pass.

    Could you tell us the possible cause of this issue?

    Thank you very much.

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    You sent the same question via E-Mail with some additional detail. Here is a copy of the E-mail response.

    The error rate you reported is not high. It is only 0.01%. Our software does not attempt to correct any errors. There is no re-transmission to correct bad data.

    But if you are using other transfer methods, e.g. High level protocols like ZMODEM or TCP/IP. Then these protocols will detect errors and retransmit data. So low error rates will not be noticed if you are using protocols like ZMODEM or TCP/IP (but the trasfer rate will be slightly reduced).