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Decryption and Password Decryption using a GPU

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  • Decryption and Password Decryption using a GPU


    I am a student and I am currently working through an assignment where I need to analyse a given .E01 image file. To gain as much experience using different forensics tools, I am currently using OSForensics to conduct my investigation.

    The image contains some encrypted .docx files and trying to use the decryption tool included in OSForensics. Running the feature without using the GPU seems to work fine but when I try and use my GPU the program doesn't start the decryption. I've made sure that run_server.exe is bypassing the firewall so does anyone else have some advice for this?


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    What type of GPU?
    Was there any error message?
    What version of OSF and Windows?

    I kind of doubt you would be given an assignment that could only be completed by students with a high end GPU.


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      It's a nVidia GTX 1080ti.

      No error message, it just stuck on this screen...
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Annotation 2020-02-04 210955.jpg
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      OSForensics v7.1 Build 1005 and Windows 10 Home

      I haven't been given an assignment which can only be done by students with high end GPUs, like I said I'm just trying to gain some experience with a wide range of forensic software and the features each software package offers.



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        Can you restart OSForensics in Debug Mode? And then send in client/server logs in C:\ProgramData\PassMark\OSForensics\PasswordRecove ry


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          Sorry about the delay, I have been busy. Here are the logs you requested.

          Attached Files


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            Thanks for the logs. According to the log, the GPU client was started, but there was an issue with OpenCL.
            Maybe the wrong video card drivers are installed for the video card?

            We don't have GTX 1080TI available, but we'll see if we can replicate the issue.

            Sun Feb 9 18:11:58 2020
            GPU client connected, session id=23477


            Sun Feb 9 18:12:07 2020
            Client Error (3): OpenCL GPU not found or not compatible


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              We believe we have located the issue. Some supporting files were not updated and/or missing that were utilized by the GPU decryption when we switched to VS2017. A fix has been submitted internally and should be included in the next build update released.


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                Brilliant, thank you.