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OFS Mount File with Muliple Partition

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  • OFS Mount File with Muliple Partition


    I want to map drive included with multiple partitions, how can i do that?
    we are using below command line syntax to mount, -a -t file -f "FilePath" -m #:

    can you suggest, what can I update to mount all partitions in a single command?


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    You are using -f "FilePath", but what type of file is this? How was it created?

    There is a -v option to select the partition.

    -v partition
    Specifies which partition (1-based) to mount when mounting a raw hard disk image
    file containing a master boot record and partitions.
    You can specify '#' to automatically select the first detected partition.
    If this option is not specified, the entire image shall be mounted using physical emulation.


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      Hi David,

      Thanks for the response.

      We are using encase file (E01), i.e -f "C:\Demo.E01".

      We have already tried -v option but it requires partition number and we want to mount all the partition in one command.

      So please provide your views on the same.



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        Instead of mounting partitions as volumes, you should be able to mount the entire E01 as a physical drive.
        (emulated physical drive of course)


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          Hi David,

          We had also tried it and we have done it using below command :

 -a -t file -f "C:\Demo1.E01" -o physical

          And we are getting below output :

          Creating device...
          Error creating virtual disk:
          A device attached to the system is not functioning.


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            Are you running your command prompt as the elevated admin user?
            Can you mount the same image from the normal Graphical User Interface as physical drive?


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              Yes David, we are running the command prompt as Administrator.

              and we have also tried the same using normal Graphical User Interface and we are receiving the same error there as well.


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                Might be something wrong or unexpected with the image file. If you would like to share the E01 image file we can have a deeper look at it.

                Otherwise you could try can try using a batch script to mount multiple partitions.
                The GUI also allows you to select multiple partitions to mount at once


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                  Can you please help us with the batch script ?

                  Actually, the problem is we does not know upfront that howmayn number of partitions are there in image and we can't use the GUI tools for it.

                  so we need something from which we can mount all the partition of the image in one go.