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Issues using System Information

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  • Issues using System Information

    When running the System Information on Images, OSF crashes. This does not happen when running this module on the live system.

    Any Idea on how to fix that... and still have issues with opening Images using german umlauts. Sometimes they open but don'T show any file system...

    Thanks for taking care


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    Is there any chance you can send us the disk image that is causing the problem. e.g. upload to Google Drive, or Dropbox?

    Otherwise can you send us a debug log


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      Due to a few days off i can answer now... I've attached a log from the last session i had. Maybe this helps...

      Thank you
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        Did it crash when you made that log file?
        Log doesn't show any crash.

        The last couple of lines in the log seem to indicate that system information collection finished without error.


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          We were able to reproduce the crash when running "System Information From Registry" and on a case device with a long name. The fix should be in the next release. To work around the issue before the next release, you will need to add the image again to the case and specify a display name that is less than 12 characters.


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            Thanks, that will help for the next Weeks...