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Windows PE Bootable USB Drive

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  • Windows PE Bootable USB Drive

    Please consider selling a bootable Windows PE USB drive with OSForensics pre-installed. I do not know if this is possible given the need to input one's license upfront, but I have tried several different times to create a bootable USB drive with no success. I am sure the failure is due to my lack of knowledge.

    Perhaps you could sell pre-configured drives to current license holders?

    Also, you could potentially sell pre-configured USB drives through sells a variety of linux forensic distribution live USB drives and their customer service has been excellent for several years.

    Perhaps a Youtube video on how to create a bootable drive? Your other Youtube videos are very well done, by the way.

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    Long story short. We use to sell a premade bootable version of OSForensics with Windows PE. However, due to some licensing policy change by Microsoft back in 2012, we are no longer able to sell it.

    We'll look into possible creating a tutorial video in the future. In the meantime, there is a guide on our support page on creating your own bootable version of OSForensics,