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  • OSForensics Pro Licensing

    I was just looking over the purchasing options for OSForensics Pro and had a quick question. Is the Pro version license a one time purchase or is it an annual renewal? How long will upgrades be suppported, will a maintenance contract be required?

    Also will a user guide be released for the application?

    Great application and plan on adding it to my toolkit. Thinking of doing a demo at my local InfraGard and ISSA chapters, so if you get any marketing material posted let me know.

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    I have added some clarification to our OSF purchase page.

    It is a one time purchase with support and maintenance included for 6 months.
    Then there is an option to purchase addition support and maintenance in 12 month blocks. But if you don't think you need ongoing support & upgrades, then you can continue to use the software with no annual fees.

    There is a fairly comprehensive Help file included with the software. If there is enough demand we'll make the same information available a PDF.

    You should also see some additions to the FAQ & tutorial section in the next few weeks. We are working on a couple of basic introduction video tuts.

    If you E-mail us we can send you some hi-res logos, don't have too much else that isn't already on our web site otherwise.