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Occasional boot loop, crashing, freezing, failed memtest (test 4)

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  • Occasional boot loop, crashing, freezing, failed memtest (test 4)

    ​​A follow up to this post.

    The BIOS update seemed to work for a few days, but the errors are creeping back in again.
    • Got stuck in a boot loop out of the blue:
    • Power off/on didn’t help
    • Tried again a few hours later and got a bit further, but boot got stuck with weird purple/green lines on the screen and the VGA LED indicator was on
    • Did another reboot to check BIOS settings. Made no changes, but now everything booted up fine
    • Did a memtest, Test 4 failed. Couldn’t save the results as the test froze after completion, so attaching a photo at least…​
    • Tried the memtest again, this time no errors
    • I’m now getting random freezing/crashing, much like in the original post.
    The strange thing is that the errors are inconsistent and seem to temporarily fix themselves. Any thoughts on what might be going on would be much appreciated.

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    My guess it intermittently bad RAM.

    See this page
    (basically try half the RAM at a time, or just replace the RAM).