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Failed memtest now seems resolved. Should I still be worried?

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  • Failed memtest now seems resolved. Should I still be worried?


    TLDR Is it possible that memtest errors, random freezes and a corrupted EFI partition were solved by a BIOS update and plugging the RAM sticks out and back in?

    I’ve been having issues lately with my computer (running Arch Linux) randomly freezing where the only way to recover was to shutdown by holding the power button. This then led to a corrupted EFI partition and I had to reinstall GRUB to get it to boot again.

    I performed a memtest and found many errors across multiple addresses (not certain about the range) with the error being in a consistent character of the hexadecimal value (not sure if it was a single bit or more). I’m afraid I don’t have the output of the test saved and can no longer reproduce the error.

    Next I tried switching the RAMs to different slots and re-ran the memtest. It passed the parts that previously threw errors, however it froze during Test 10 (the sleeping test).

    Next I did a BIOS update from F10 to F12c (Aorus z390 Wifi Pro) after which the memtest no longer froze and finished with 0 errors. I could no longer boot into the os afterwards, but reinstalling GRUB fixed this.

    Finally I switched the RAM sticks back to the original position and got 0 errors from the memtest.

    Is it possible that the whole problem was that the RAM sticks weren’t plugged in properly to begin with and/or that the BIOS needed upgrading? I should also note that I’ve been using the computer since December, but the problems only started appearing recently and have been getting progressively worse (more frequent).

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    Yes, there are several type of RAM errors that can be fixed with BIOS changes.
    e.g. changes to the timings and voltages selected in BIOS, or changes in the address memory mapping.

    Re-seating the RAM can also clean up the gold fingers on the connector.


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      Great! Thank you David!