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Progressively Worsening BSOD issues. Complete restart onTest 13 Hammer Test Pass 1.

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  • Progressively Worsening BSOD issues. Complete restart onTest 13 Hammer Test Pass 1.

    Recently my PC went from stable to once in a while having a seemingly random BSOD following Windows 10 forcing me to update in December (I had updates turned off for over a year because I had a stable system and I go though this kind of thing seemingly annually where I spend more time fixing PC errors than I do working in my actual job during the week).

    Then, in the last 3-4 weeks it would start giving me a BSOD on startup (there are too many varying error codes for me to list). I first ran the sfc scan and dskchk and Memory Diagnostic Tool (mdsched.exe) when I started getting errors indicating that sort of thing (KMODE exception not handled, Memory Management, etc. etc. etc.). Well, sfc said it fixed corruption and all was good. Everything else passed.

    Well, sure enough the errors continued. Eventually they started happening while I was actually using the PC, seemingly at random, and not just at startup.

    ... I previously typed up this big long thing about a clean install and running the mdsched.exe again and it failing so I did memtest86 on this clean install and it crashed . There was something in there about running Snappy Driver Installer Liter and DriverPack as well... but my pc crashed of course and didn't save apparently the vast majority. Long story short:

    memtest86 caused the PC to crash and restart during Pass 1/4 on the Test 13 Hammer test. No BSOD or anything, I happened to be at the computer. I have 32 GB (4 x 8gb G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4-3200 CL16-18-18-39 1.35v) installed.

    I checked the logs and it appears to have started failing Test 13 and then decided to switch to a softer mode and then that's when the Restart happened. I'm attaching the logs here before it crashes again. *holds brea... (yep... seriously, right there. it happened. -_-)
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    BSOD are a windows thing. You won't get them in MemTest86. You can still get various types of other crashes however if the hardware isn't stable.

    I'd repeat the test with half the RAM (2 sticks), then repeat again with the other half.


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      You're right, I misspoke when I mentioned there wasnt a BSOD when the system crashed under memtest86, more just meant to imply I never got any statement of error at all but I suppose thinking on it now, its not really possible outside of the OS.

      As far as halving the sticks and testing them, should I test in dual channel or single?


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        Our experience has been that errors in dual channel are more common than single channel.