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Samsung B-Die F4-3200C14D-16GTZ bug, ram or mainboard issue ?

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  • Samsung B-Die F4-3200C14D-16GTZ bug, ram or mainboard issue ?

    Hey i'm DeZro and i'm new here

    first sorry for my english but it's not my main language, I hope you can understand me ...

    So I tested my RAM with MemTest86 8.3 Free and I got strange and irritating errors.
    I've tested with stock XMP-settings (CL14-14-14-34-560) 1.350DRAM Voltage but got errors on Test 6 (64-bit) not many (arround 10 or more)
    I only raised DRAM Voltage to 1.4V and ran the test again but got more that 5000 errors by 64 bit test ??? Is this normal ?
    I was a little confused about this results

    After it i decided to raise the voltage down DRAM to 1.3V, SA Voltage to 1.100 and IO Voltage to 1.050 and it passes the tests without any errors ...
    I've tested the RAM without XMP too (did a BIOS reset via battery) and got no errors ...

    Someone had the same problem as me ? Is this normal ?

    Before I forget to mention it ... Motherboard it is a Z270 Tomahawk with the newest bios flashed and stock settings only with the settings mentioned at the top.

    Have a nice day !

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    Is this normal ?
    RAM errors are not normal.

    Hard to comment on what the optimal voltage is for this combination of RAM and motherboard. It isn't something we have ever looked at.

    But what is 100% sure is that the vendors should have done some testing and set the optimal voltage in the RAM SPD data. Meaning there should be no need to manually configure anything. So in that sense, they are faulty, even if you can work around the problem. (or maybe the SPD data is good and the motherboard doesn't supply what was requested).


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      Hmm that's strange, but RAM works fine on stock settings. However XMP works with voltage turned down. Only when I raise the voltage higher then more errors I get. Should I RMA them ?


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        If you had another motherboard to test them in, I would do that first. To try and narrow down what is really wrong.