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Is there a way to save a report using v4?

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  • Is there a way to save a report using v4?

    Hi. I just purchased v8 Pro - works great on UEFI MBs. I am able to generate and save a report. I am using MBs without UEFI to test DDR2 and DDR3 which I had to use v4 for, but I don't see any option for saving a report at the end of the test like v8 has. I only have the free v4 because I cannot find any option on the website for purchase so maybe that is the issue?? Is there a way to save reports on v4? If not, even a way to take a screenshot or something?

    Thank you,

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    There isn't a way to save the reports or take screenshot in V4 (besides taking a photo of the screen). Functionality when running from BIOS mode is limited and disk access in not possible. Disk access from BIOS only became available in UEFI.


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      Ok. Thank you.