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24 dimms, not sure which has errors

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  • 24 dimms, not sure which has errors

    Hi All, New to this forum. I have a HP DL380 Gen9 that I am testing dimms. There are currently 24 dimms in server which had all passed HP diags (joke) and when running full memtest I get the following:

    [ecc errors detected] test: 7 channel/slot: 0/1

    This error is listed 7 times. Is there a way to know for sure which dimm is having the issue? It would be very time consuming to try and narrow it down. I know from researching it is not as simple as bank0 dimm1.

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    Forget to mention using free version 8.2


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      If you see "ECC errors detected" it means there were errors, but they were corrected by the hardware. So from an applications point of view there was no error.

      This page has more details,

      If the overall error count is zero, then there were no uncorrected errors. So you could decide to live with the errors, knowing that they are correcting themselves, or you could take the hard line and declare it faulty. It depends a bit on how critical the machine was. If it for a mission critical system, you might want to look into it. Or if this was a web server running a Wordpress blog I'd be tempted to leave it running if the machine was stable. Further depends on if the memory vendor will replace it for free under warranty or not.


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        Thanks for the response. Do you know how I can tell which dimm the errors are on?


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          As they are ECC errors you might be able to use this information to identify the DIMM, "7 channel/slot: 0/1"

          But we don't know what the mapping between the internal channels numbers and the physical slots is for this machine. So probably knowing it is the 7th channel doesn't help much.

          Otherwise test 12 sticks at a time. Then 6 at a time..... and eventually narrow it down. But the error itself might also change if you drop our of dual / quad channel mode. So could be a long process.